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This offering is designed to address the whole person mind, body, and psyche. In one month we will use the tools of wellness coaching, yoga, and bodywork we will increase mental clarity, openess and freedom in the body, and personal integrity. 

Renew Package - $750


Initial Wellness Coaching - 60 minutes 

This is a time to discover your values and goals as they relate to your well-beling mentally, physcially and emotionally. These sessions give us a map of where you want to go and what could be possible obstacles and how to move through them. 


Two Bodywork Sessions - 90 minutes

Bodywork is a powerful hands on treatment that unravels the restrictions and adhesions from past traumas. It restores the bodies natural lightness and vibrancy. 


4 Private Yoga Sessions - once a week for 60 minutes 

One on one yoga sessions that are tailored to your unique goals and needs. 


Each of the above offerings deepens our awareness on different levels. Wellness coaching gives us insight into our values and motivations. Bodywork reveals and heals the physical and mental patterns that play out in our body. Yoga strengthens the union of our body and mind so that we can acomplish what we imagine. 



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